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G –

For the past few months, I've been working on, a set of desktop tool for artists to manage their projects and publish them on a Peer-to-Peer network. More info, coming soon. [More +]

Unsecured Landscapes Sketches –

Unsecured Landscapes is a project I worked as an exercise of juxtaposing moving images from nature places that are being surveilled by IP Cameras. This is selected collection of sketches of the project. [More +]

Zine –

Zine is a small command line tool I'm making to create a simple website ( index.html ) using all the .jpg files from a directory. As a big collector of images, and photos I wanted to have a quickly way to previsualize images in the browser. This is a project is still under development and I will… [More +]

Doméstico N•03 –

I'm glad to announce that the new issue of Doméstico is now available at Ediciones Daga. This is our third issue and features amazing contributors such as Zhenya Posternak, Camilo Palma, Graham Hiemstra, Ricardo Villavicencio, Johanna Lundberg & Nate Van Der Ende, Elisa Routa, Aaron Wynia. [More +]

Share –

Share now.. Since I moved to NYC I have been doing a lot of online meetings where I had have to share images of projects and references through different platforms. In order to keep just one channel of communication during the meetings, I made this tool using web sockets to share images in real… [More +]

Am Group –

AM is a group that gathers each week to listen to Ambient Music for 1 hour. It takes place in the micro-studio at ITP-NYU. The idea of the poster I made was to use one piece of technology as an exploration tool for poster design creation. The first attempt (Fall 2016 ) was to use the Scanner. The… [More +]

Galga Website –

I made this little website for Galga Knitwear [More +]

Daga 12 –

I made a micro website for the Daga 12 Open Call . [More +]

Quote #6 –

“Do not complain. Work harder. Spend more time alone.”

Joan Didion.

Quote #4 –

"When you use social media, time passes so quickly. It is like you are living in another reality where time travels at a different speed. I fully enjoy this experience. It is a very high state, like that in Zen Buddhist philosophy, to not have self-consciousness and to forget your own existence."

Ai Weiwei

Benjamín Ossa –

New website for the Chilean artist Benjamín Ossa. [More +]

Quote #3 –

“I love books. Yet I’ve never bought one just to own it. What fascinates me is their utility value: books can teach us things. It’s not only the writer that speaks to us. If we listen more closely, we can hear the voice of the designer or eavesdrop on the concert of materials. Books appeal not only to our eyes and ears: some we fall in love with the moment we take them in our hands. Many books also communicate non-verbally – they can flirt and seduce.”

Bernd Kuchenbeiser

Causa Sui Book –

Causa Sui Book is now at Antenne Book. [More +]

Quote #2 –

"Books were invented to make information portable."

Read somewhere.

Daga at New York Art Book Fair –
Quote #1 –

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."

Andy Warhol