Matamala O.


Microsoft Design Expo

"Our Future with Books" a mixed reality application for the Microsoft Hololens that allows to overlay meta information over books and to explore relationships between different fields, concepts, and subjects. This project was part of the 2017 Microsoft Design Expo. The original challenge was: Intentional Design for Positive Cultural Impact in Mixed Reality

Re-imagine the future and potential of learning technologies. We designed a mixed-reality tool that optimizes our experience learning from printed books. Our brains capabilities for attention and deep thinking are diminishing due to our increasingly screen-based lives. We envision this tool as part of the solution to that problem. Just as an expert human tutor might, the technology we propose will understand both the book you are reading and your brain's behavior while learning, guiding you through rich meaning making and discovery. In addition to conversing with your AI tutor, we see great opportunity in the realm of overlaid augmented content being produced by our developers, by book publishers, and by a community of users.

Team: Cristobal Valenzuela, Daniella García-Rosales, Kenzo Nakamura, Scott Reitherman, Juan Jose Egusquiza